Kojo Bonsu sympathises with Atsu’s family

National Democratic Con­gress (NDC) presidential candidate hopeful, Mr Kojo Bonsu, has sympathised with Christian Atsu and his family, fol­lowing the recent infamous Turkey earthquake that claimed thousands of lives.

Consequently, the former Na­tional Sports Authority (NSA) boss and the former Mayor of Kumasi, has as a matter of urgency, called on Ghanaians to intensify prayers for the missing former Newcastle United player.

The Ghana winger, who plies his trade with Hatayaspor, has gone missing after the earthquake rubble in Turkey, and he is yet to be found by the rescue team.

In a release signed by his com­munication team, Mr Bonsu said, whatever happened in any part of the world has a bearing across the world.

“That reality has hit home, especially following the major earthquake of last Monday, in parts of Turkey.

“That natural disaster has claimed many lives, and kept the rest of the world on edge, given the mounting challenges faced by the rescue teams.”

The release added that “Ghana­ians have not been exempted from the anxiety of humanity, following the calamity.”

“However, our particular inter­est, rests in the timely rescue of our national, Christian Atsu, an ex-international, reported miss­ing, since the huge earthquake hit Turkey.

“Although he has not yet been found, we have no recourse than to keep our hopes alive, knowing nothing is ever over until it is over

“So, to all Ghanaians, home and abroad, especially Atsu’s partner, children, parents, other family members, friends and team mates, I say, hang in there.

Mr Bonsu urged Ghanaians not to rule out the possibility that Atsu can be found alive.

“It is never over till it is over. Let’s keep the faith and hold our peace. Shalom.”

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