‘Beyond the Goalpost’ launched

DUNK Grassroots, a non-governmental organization (NGO) in collaboration with the French Embassy has launched a project dubbed “Beyond the Goalpost” which is aimed at identifying and empowering young girls to take up sports as a career.

The project seeks to identify young budding sports talents in the community of Dansoman and its environs, train and guide them to make a life out of their talents and offer them education in a bid to shape them up for the future.

It is also to empower about 80 young girls aged between eight and 16 years and 20 physical education instructors to become agents of change in the community using sports as the key enabler.

Speaking at the launch, Madam Marion Chapon, Attaché´ of Cooperation at the French Embassy said sports has a social role and the power to change lives by teaching girls teamwork, autonomy, resilience and self-confidence.

“Sports provide women and girls opportunities to develop leadership skills and help them to gain confidence and respect. It’s also one of the main drivers of gender equality. This is the reason the French Embassy has strongly mobilized to put women’s rights at the heart of its cooperation and development activities; sees the ‘Beyond the Goalpost’ project a worthy one worth supporting.”

According to her, involving children specially girls in sporting programmes allows for the identification of various sporting skills and talent in them, adding that combining it with education was one right way to have a safe and healthy life.

Habib Khalid, a representative of DUNK noted that the NGO was made up of young students and graduates who want to give something back to the community and would continue to spread their activities throughout the country until every child in every corner of the country lives safely.


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