BARFA accused of favouritism

The owner of Dormaa Nkyenkyenkye FC, Evans Oppong, has accused Brong Ahafo Regional Football Association (BARFA) for trying to use illegal means to eliminate them from the ongoing Division Two Middle League at the Bono and Ahafo regions.

Following the postponement of the match between Nkyenkyenkye and Unity FC at Nsotreman due to request of player card from the match commissioner, Evans Oppong claimed his side provided the necessary documents but Dormaa Unity FC could not do same.

According to him, during the submission of reports as to why the match was not played, Referee Umar Bashiru said he submitted his report to the BARFA in upper case letter, “but when we (Nkyenkyenkye officials) requested a copy of the letter, it was provided in lower case letters, which made us suspect the content of the letter was changed to favour Unity FC.”

Speaking to the Times Sports, Evans Oppong called for justice and charged BARFA to use the football regulations to solve issues retrogressing the Division 2 league in Brong Ahafo.

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“BARFA initially ruled in our favour, but Unity FC went to GFA office to protest and they attached the referee’s report to their case to make it look fair. But we wrote mails and went to the BARFA office to claim a copy of the referee’s report to file our protest to the GFA but we did not get it.

“We later threatened to report BARFA to the GFA and they gave us a copy of the report, but we suspected they changed the referee’s words and edited it to their favour.”

Mr Oppong said with his experience as a journalist, he was able to see what the referee wrote but he just wanted the official copy from BARFA.

He also said Division 2 teams in Bono and Ahafo regions were struggling due to the favouritism by some officials of BARFA and also gave details to why the match between Nkyenkyenkye and Unity FC have been postponed.

“During our Middle League match between Unity FC at Nsotre, we realised some of the Unity FC players did not have GFA cards to indicate they play for the club. But the RFA officials were insisting we still take photos of our players while we had their cards.

“According to Article 15 of football relegations in Division 2, it is not done anywhere that we have to take photos of our players while we have the GFA cards.

“That is what has delayed our zonal promotion to the Division One, due to favours from certain officials.”


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