MTN, IFSS to develop skate soccer

MTN Ghana has announced a partnership with the International Federation of Skate Soccer (IFSS) to organize a skate soccer league in Ghana.

The event, according to the telecom company, would provide a platform to interact, motivate and reward its existing and potential subscribers through sales activities, brand engagements, Public relations activities and CSR.

A statement from the organizers has indicated that with the introduction of such a tournament, a better condition of life would be created for the unfortunate ones that will participate in it.                          

“This game is being organized by the International Federation of Skate Soccer which is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to the development of the physically challenged members of the society.”

“The main focus of this is to get the physically challenged off the streets and better their lives.  Skate Soccer create an environment that gives opportunity to the physically challenged to showcase their talent in the game of soccer while brightening their lives.”

In the game, polio survivors sit on a slightly larger skateboard and play association football.  The ball is controlled by their hands and the rules are very similar to regular association football.

Currently, brands that have leveraged this event are Binatone, who is the main sponsor supported by some of the Radio and TV stations.


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