Masters Weightlifting, Powerlifting Federation determined to develop sports

President of Masters Weightlifting and Masters Powerlifting Federation Ghana (MWMPFG), Alhaji Razak Yunusah, has charged members of the newly-constituted body to work hard to make the masters sport a house-hold name in the country and beyond.

“The masters of these two sports are not really known in the country, and members would have to work their fingers to the bone to ensure they become as popular as soccer.

“Aside from its prestige and attraction, taking part in the mas­ters guarantees good health at an advanced age and it is the reason we must all work hard to make it popular,” he said.

Alhaji Yunusah made these re­marks when members of the MWMP­FG met for their maiden meeting in Accra at the weekend.

Speaking on Zoom from his Ger­many base, he said he was going to do everything possible within his reach to put the masters at the apex, appealing to members to do same “in your own small way.”

International Relations Man­ager of MWMPFG, Connel Ibra­him Mohammed, also pledged his support for the federation – calling on members beyond the extra mile and make the two sports stand out from the rest.

Masters weightlifting is the Olympic sport of weightlifting for persons 35 years old and beyond. In powerlifting masters, the first age category ranging from 40-49 category which is known as masters 1. Masters 2 category is 50-59, whilst 60-69 and 70+ are referred to as masters 3 and masters 4 respectively.

Interestingly, powerlifting is not in the regular Olympics, but it is in the Paralympics.

Powerlifting involves the squat, bench press, and deadlift, where­as Olympic weightlifting is based on the snatch and the clean and jerk. Both types of lifting demand a tremendous amount of overall strength.

A member of the MWMPF, who is also a famed weightlifter and powerlifter – Ms Juliana Arkoh, one

 can be guaranteed to develop greater flexibility, coordination and balance as a result of training regardless of one’s experience level.

“One of the additional positive im­pacts that come along with the masters training include increased muscle mass and increased bone density.

“It is particularly important that we maintain these two physical attributes throughout our lifetime as they are vital in sustaining mobility as we get older. More recently, it has been shown that resistance training is also important for our brain function,” she asserted.

Mr Arkoh, who clinched four gold medals at the 8th Commonwealth Pow­erlifting Championship 2019 in Canada, is the Public Relations Officer of the MWMPFG.

He told the Times Sports that arrange­ments were underway for the MWMP­FG to hold its first championship in Accra this year.


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