Handball player appeals to Sports Ministry to support less-financed disciplines

A promising handball player has appealed to the Ministry of Youth and Sports to pay attention to the sport as it has the potential of winning a lot of laurels for the nation.

Ms Rosemary Glante, who visited the offices of the Times Sports on Thursday, stated that she was thrilled by the news that the Ghana Handball Association (GHA) has a new leadership now, hoping “things would turn around for good.”

According to the 20-year-old, who works with a security company in Accra at the moment, and played as a pivoter for the Kpando Senior High School Girls handball team, she would return to the sport at the opportune time.

“I wanted a chance to take handball to the highest level and possibly feature for the national team; but had to ditch the idea for now because I need to get myself a job first.

“It’s not easy for umemployed sportsmen and women who want to take their careers to another level. Many talents have gone waste because of lack of financial support,” she said, adding “we can develop our sport if only we find a way of getting these talents gainfully engaged whilst they train.”

Ms Glante, who claimed to have started playing handball at age nine, urged the government to take a serious look at the least-financed sport disciplines like handball, volleyball, athletics, weightlifting and hockey among others – “and tone down a bit on football.”

“Football, we agree is the passion of the nation, but what happens to the other disciplines if we leave them to their fate,” she quizzed.


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