GCF Veep outlines vision in new capacity

The newly-elected Vice President of the Ghana Cycling Federation (GCF), Riyahd Mohammed, has urged young cyclists to constantly educate themselves on the new rules of the sport in order to excel professionally.

He said cycling was an interest­ing sport with very technical rules that must be well applied to excel especially on the global stage.

“It is therefore important for young cyclists to keep abreast of the new rules by constantly learning and sharpening their skills as they strive to compete on the global stage,” he stated.

Speaking with the Times Sports, the new Ghana cycling vice presi­dent said that youth development remains a major priority and would continue to encourage them to work hard to win laurels for the country.

“We have been in cycling for a long time and done a lot at the background. Now that we are at the forefront, we would ensure that we move the sport to the next level especially with regard to youth development,” he stressed.

The federation, he said would also organise a lot of training programmes to ensure that the rules of the game were applied for the sport to become very attractive and to attract sponsorship.

“As a professional body, we need to apply the rules and set the highest standards possible in order to attract corporate support,” he stated.

He added that, they would do well to seek sponsorship for the growth of the sport especially with regard to getting young people in­volved for the future of the sport.


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