6-yr-old cyclist joins 6-yr-old autism campaign

A six-year old Nana Kweku Osei has joined the autism awareness campaign, with a ride with professional cyclists at Burma Camp in Accra.

The about 5km ride led by Kweku Osei was climaxed with a symposium under the theme “Nurturing the autistic brain for Ghana’s development.”

The event, which was also used to mark the sixth birthday celebration of the young cyclist, attracted over 20 riders, kids and parents to drum home the need to engage autistic children in physical activities.

Speaking at the event, Adjoa Nyarko Bamfo, mother of Kweku Osei said, the ward’s condition improved following his engagement in sporting activities.

Ghana, she said, must begin to pay attention to such kids and encouraged parents to bring their autistic wards to engage them in various physical activities.

She pledged to sustain the awareness creation symposium every year to ensure that the public changed their attitude towards such children.

She urged members of the public to support such cam­paigns and avoid stigmatising children with autism.

He said, facilities must also be made available to support children with special needs across the country.

In Ghana, Africa’s first autis­tic cyclist, Young Phil Bertino, started the autism awareness creation in 2019 with the 2023 edition (fourth edition), scheduled for next month to mark the World Autistic Day celebrations.


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