EC welcomes political parties engagement on biometric register

The Electoral Commission (EC) has stated that the five political parties which walked out of a scheduled Inter Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting to discuss the procurement of a new biometric register are still welcome to engage it on any issue they want addressed.

They are the National Democratic Congress (NDC), People’s National Congress (PNC), United Front Party (UFP), Eagle Party (EP) and the All People’s Party (APC) walked out of the meeting with the EC.

According to the NDC, the Commission deceived them into the meeting only for them to realise they were there to witness the demonstration of software for a new biometric register, which they are opposed to.

But Sylvia Annor, the Acting Director of Public Affairs at the Commission, said the parties should be able to approach it and engage them on their views.

“The Electoral Commission believes in dialogue and acquisition of a new biometric system will enable it to deliver free, fair and transparent, credible elections, moreover, we operate an open-door policy, should any political party have issues on any of our projects, they will be able to come forward and dialogue with us.

“The commission only wants to conduct better elections with the introduction of the new system, and not that they have no use for IPAC which is supposed to be an advisory body, that is not to say that the commission does not recognise the IPAC but the fact remains when the EC perceives there is a process, it can assist and support the electoral processes and bring more transparency, accountability and integrity in the electoral system, we will take it up.

The NDC has on countless times disagreed with the introduction of the new biometric system and decided to walk out of the meeting with the Commission and claimed the parties had not discussed the issue exhaustively enough and raised concerns in previous IPAC meetings.

It recalled an invitation for an emergency IPAC meeting on November 25 where the issue of new biometric register came up though it was not on the meeting’s agenda when the parties were asked to bring experts to discuss procurement for a new register at another emergency meeting on December 2 and again raised concerns with it but participated in the discussion.

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