EC must conduct credible, impartial polls – Torgbui Gawu V

A peace Activist, Torgbui Kpemi­ni Gawu V, has appealed to the Electoral Commission (EC) to conduct a credible and im­partial polls to make the result acceptable to all.

He also called on the EC to erect electronic scoreboards in all the regions in Ghana to avoid litigation after the 2024 December polls.

Torgbui Gawu V, who is also the chief of Anlo, was speaking to the Ghanaian Times in an interview on Thursday, said the electronic scoreboards, would enable all the stakeholder to monitor the election results and independently collate the results.

He said in addition, the EC must apply all electoral rules fairly without any bias.

He said the stakes, between the two major political parties, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) were very high.

Torgbui Gawu V said while the ruling party, the NPP wanted to break the eight by continuing their stay in power, the NDC led by a former President would want to stage a comeback to power.

He admonished supporters of the two major political parties to conduct themselves well before, during and after the polls to bring peace and tranquility especially in the Anlo land.

Torgbui Gawu V said Ghanaians should embrace peace, by avoiding provocative acts that would embroil the country into irreversible violence.

Togbui Gawu gave the assurance that, he would continue his peace advocate on radio talk shows, media interviews and addressing public gatherings.

Torgbui Gawu V said it was only the voters that had the power to choose an individual to represent them in Parliament and as the Presi­dent.

He said trouble often started during the counting of the ballots, where a lot of mistrust and disagreements emerged.

“When the result announced by the EC are not transparent enough political violence is the outcome,” he said.

Torgbui Gawu V said supporters should also be careful and retain from teasing loosers because that also generates political violence.

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