My presidency will create opportunities for all… Bawumia assures youth

The flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has reaffirmed during his campaign in the Eastern Region his commitment to tack­ling the challenges hindering the development of Ghana’s youth.

He highlighted various issues such as unemployment, low qual­ity of life, rising cost of living, limited access to quality educa­tion, expensive internet services, low life expectancy, and lack of opportunities.

These challenges often push Ghanaians to Europe, America, and Asia in search of jobs, he posited.

“I am a problem -solver and forward-thinking individual with innovative solutions to address these issues,” Dr Bawumia declared enthusiastically to the rousing crowd.

He emphasised his track re­cord as vice president, citing suc­cesses in digitalisation initiatives, which facilitated national iden­tification integration, improved interoperability in the mobile money sector, and created access to credit for the youth.

“For private sector busi­nesses to thrive, entrepreneurs must have confidence that the individuals they are dealing with it are really who they are,” the presidential candidate stated to underscore his policies to resolve identification integration challenges. Further, he high­lighted the implementation of the free SHS policy; guarantor student loan policy; one student one tablet policy; electronic pharmacy platform; drones in the delivery of critical medicines, vaccines and blood; digitisation and networking of all hospitals, and improvement in NHIS.

He stressed that these policies along with others, aimed at pro­moting youth employment and environmental sustainability, are inclusive and benefit all Ghana­ians. Appealing for the sup­port of the youth for his 2024 presidential bid, Dr Bawumia indicated his resolve to formalise the informal sector and improve the quality of education within TVETS as a means to churn out the needed human resources for Ghana’s production.

“We will construct 32 state-of-the-art TVET centres in all 16 regions in Ghana, which means that each region will get two of these centres,” the NPP flag bearer stated.

He also used the opportunity to discuss opportunities to re­duce the cost of internet access, enhance the National Rental Assistance scheme, and empow­er the private sector to create modern and sustainable jobs for all Ghanaians


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