Publish full investigation report on GRA-SML transaction – NDC

The National Dem­ocratic Congress (NDC) has asked the government to publish the full report of the inves­tigation conducted by KPMG into the revenue mobilisation transac­tion between the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Strategic Mobilisation Ghana Ltd (SML).

It said the payment of over GH¢1 billion to SML was an ille­gal transaction, duplicitous, need­less, and inimical to the interest of the country, hence, the need for the government to make the report public, while those behind arrested and prosecuted.

Addressing a press conference yesterday in Accra, the National Communications Officer of the NDC, Mr Sammy Gyamfi, said the government cannot continue to shield corrupt officials whose actions had cost millions of cedis to the taxpayers.

He said the refusal of the government to publish the report would reaffirm the government’s ploy to cover up this damning and sleazy SML scheme, as those who sanctioned those payments had occasioned a huge financial loss to the State.

“We in the NDC are appalled but unsurprised by the decision by the corrupt Akufo Addo/Bawumia NPP government to allow SML to continue the performance of their illegally procured downstream pe­troleum audit services, while mere­ly recommending the termination of the other unlawful contracts.

This is the greatest abetment of crime yet again by the ruling New Patriotic Party, and goes to fortify our suspicions that this scandal was cooked at the highest echelons of power,” Mr Gyamfi said.

He said the party was demanding the immediate termination of all the illegal contracts entered into between SML and the GRA, as well as the retrieval of all payments made by the government to SML under the “illegal agreements which have occasioned a huge financial loss to the State”.

He reiterated the NDC would re­trieve all unlawful payments made to some individuals and institutions when the next NDC government comes to power and hold those be­hind such illegal dealing which had cost the country upon assumption of office in the year 2025.

“When elected into office, we shall launch credible and transpar­ent investigations into this stinking SML scandal to retrieve all illegal payments made to SML and ensure the prosecution of all persons who are complicit in these illegal transactions.

While in opposition, sole-sourc­ing was tantamount to corruption according to the NPP. Breaches of the procurement law was consid­ered an abomination. Indeed, since 2017, the AkufoAddo/Bawumia government has prosecuted several persons for alleged procurement and other statutory breaches,” Mr Gyamfi said.

He mentioned that the for­mer Chairperson of the Elec­toral Commission, Mrs Charlotte Osei, was removed from office on grounds of procurement breaches, stressing that this standard of ac­countability cannot and will not be any different for members of the ruling NPP who are responsible for the sleazy SML deal and other corruption scandals.

“The NDC is committed to pro­moting transparency, accountability and val­ue for money in all government procurements.

As our running mate for the 2024 elections indicated in her erudite and inspiring address to the nation last week Wednesday, anyone who has participated in the plunder of the State will be held accountable,” he said.


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