Club admins divided over support for FA

An experienced football administrator, Jonathan Abbey Pobee has dismissed calls for government to announce an intervention for the football sector following the unexpected break occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The media landscape has been inundated by calls from football lovers to intervene by supporting the football body with a financial package to put clubs in a good position to pay players’ salaries.

Speaking on a Power 97.9 FM sports show on Tuesday, the former Neoplan Stars Chief Executive Officer said the government through the Ministry of Youth & Sports was already were already occupied with a lot of things.

“Government is burdened with a lot of projects like free education, health issues and socio economic problems that must be solved within this crucial time.” 

In the view of Mr Pobee, the GFA was financially sound to undertake its own programmes and should be allowed to use its internal funds to help the clubs.

“Five months after coming to office, the FA has painted its offices and change the furniture; an exercise which was done by the Normalization Committee before handing over to them. It shows they have the means to run their activities.

“The GFA is not suffering, because they can take care of themselves financially. It must rather support government, because the football body is financially sound to manage their affairs without governmental aid,” he said.

But Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Techiman Eleven Wonders, Takyi Arhin has welcomed the call on government to come to the aid of local clubs amidst the outbreak of the coronavirus, according to a report. 

Mr. Arhin speaking on Bechem based Radio Station, High 103.1 said clubs must be supported by government during this difficult times.

“The people that have suffered the most during these times are football people. If you will remember after the Anas Expose’, government nearly collapsed football, keeping all of us inactive,” he said.

“Even when FIFA came to normalise football, football people were prevented from helping so it was few of us who were able to voice out our opinions.

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