Street Academy to fete 500 students

The Street Academy will tomorrow evening fete 500 students from various public schools to a special dinner at the National Theatre in Accra.

It is the 20th time the dinner is being held for the students since 1998.

According to the Director of the sports and culture-based academy for street children, Ataa Lartey, the 500 students are kids from the Academy who gained admission to the public schools a few years back.

“Every year, we select the best 10 of our students in the various public schools, totaling 500 and fete them.

“The idea is to motivate them to continue giving off their best in class and in the other extracurricular activities they are engaged in,” he said.

Mr Lartey disclosed that the Academy would also host the best three dancing groups from the Kiddafest Children Art Festival to a dinner for brilliant students on the same night at the National Theatre.

A number of corporate bodies are sponsoring Saturday’s event. They are MTN, CalBank, National Theatre, Goil, PPEP, OTTN, Cinergy HD Limited and Diagonal Projects – Africa and Navidvar Trust.

Others are Lintas, Outpouring To The People (OTTP), Ghana Maritime Authority and Seag Focus Ghana Limited.


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