Security analyst, lawyer express contrary views about coups

A security analyst and a legal practitioner have expressed contrary views about toppling of governments in the Fourth Republican dispensation.

While Colonel (rtd) Festus Aboagye, the security analyst pointed out that mismanagement of the governance system could result in toppling of a government, the legal practitioner, Yaw Oppong cautioned that if there was anything to worry about, it should rather be disgruntled civilians who could rise against a government such as Arab springs and not military officers picking guns to topple a government.

They made these known while contributing to discussions on the Military men who stormed the chamber of Parliament on January 7 following stalemate between Members of Parliament-elect (MPs-elect) for both the NPP and NDC sides when electing a new Speaker of the House which was condemned by the citizenry and called for investigations into the issue.

According to Col (rtd) Aboagye,“if the citizenry are not satisfied with the democratic dispensation there is the possibility of toppling a Fourth Republican government,” he cautioned and urged governments of the era “not to take such situations for granted in view of constitutionally elected government.”

However, Mr Oppong insisted that the Military should not be seen as enemies of the state but much as it would have been desirous that they were not there, the ultimate question to ask was, whether they succeeded in calming tempers and restoring order?

“Obviously, there was disorder and the Military also had a role to play when there is state of insecurity and all mechanisms provided by law have failed then the question is not so much whether it was proper and look at the end result.

“When it comes to soldiers you get frightened and I am not sure they had actually come in to cause mayhem themselves since they are entitled to their opinions but look at  the end results whether their presence caused calm  to be restored and it is almost a near impossibility  for any solder  to stage a coup,” Mr Oppong

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