LPG debunks allegation of rigging in limited registration exercise

The Liberal Party Ghana (LPG) has debunked allegations that the Electoral Commission (EC) was using the limited registration exercise as a means of election rigging.

It noted that per the party’s observations and presence at the Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC), the limited registration exercise was not for election rigging purposes, but to allow those who had attained the stipulated age of 18 to register and also those who were above 18 years to register, so as not to be disenfranchised in future elections.

 Margaret Obrian Sarfo, the General Secretary of LPG, in a press conference in Accra on Monday, stated that the conclusion was reached when the party visited some registration centres in all the 16 regions across the country to monitor the exercise.

She commended the EC for being transparent with political parties and for its efficiency and effectiveness with regards to the registration exercise saying: “Though there have been some pockets of incidence at some few registration centres, we are quite impressed with how peaceful the exercise has been in general.”

Mrs Sarfo urged the EC to continue to straighten things up for a peaceful and successful exercise, since the EC in anticipation of the larger districts in the country, at an IPAC meeting made it clear that additional registration centres would be set up to ease congestion and increase accessibility for those in the hinterlands.

She further encouraged Ghanaians who have turned 18 years and above to participate in the voters’ registration exercise in order to exercise their democratic rights when the need arose. 

John Ameka, Chairman of LPG, in an interview with the Ghanaian Times said he fully supported the EC and the registration process and stressed that, “We will trust in the EC process and we trust in their transparency and credibility.”


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