Ho-East EP Church Synod Moderator visits Amartey

The Synod Moderator of the Ho East Presbytery of the E.P. Church, Ghana, Rev. Dr Vivian Balasu Addo on Saturday visited ailing boxing hero, Prince Amartey at his house in the slums of Ho-Hliha.

During the surprise visit, Rev. Balasu Addo presented a variety of edible items, detergents, toilets rolls and hand sanitisers to Amartey who won the bronze for Ghana at the 1974 Munich Olympic Games in the middleweight division.

Rev. Dr Balasu said that she was aware of what the pugilist achieved for Ghana in the ring at the peril of his life.

“We must not leave our gallant patriots and other brave men and woman of the country to fade out in such a miserable manner,” she insisted.

Rev. Dr Balasu Addo said that Amartey was definitely a role model in sports circles, who won immense laurels for his nation years back, and deserved a more decent life in his old age.

“Those of us who knew him when we were very young are very sad to see him living rough now,” she added.

An emotional Amartey expressed gratitude to Rev. Dr Balasu Addo and renewed his age-long appeal to the state for welfare support.

“They only hail me as a hero for Ghana but they do not care about my living condition,” the septuagenarian said in a shaky voice.

Madam Evelyn Agbese, a niece and carer of Amartey also thanked Rev. Dr Balasu Addo for the gesture, saying it was mind-boggling how the state could leave a great achiever like her uncle to ‘waste’ in spite of what he did for his country.

“Once they do not show any concern for his welfare while he is still alive, we will not expect them at his funeral,” she said.

Amartey has been suffering from mental health problems since he left the ring.

The former corporal of the Ghana Army, who ekes out a living by working as a sweeper at the private health facility in Ho, is virtually dying on his feet, losing weight rapidly.

Several appeals by Amartey to the state for help over the decades have fallen on deaf ears.

Amartey still cherishes a dream to study music in the university.


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