Build leadership capabilities of females–Abrefa-Gyan

An Assistant Professor Norfolk State University, United States, Dr Tina Abrefa-Gyan has urged leadership of Africa to build the capabilities and potentials of women and girls to take up leadership roles on the continent to accelerate its growth and development.

“African women should also step forward, surmount society’s barriers and lead the continent to a better future, the best and surest way Africa can build leadership capabilities of women and girls are to invest hugely in their education and break the gender inequality in the political space in Africa,” Dr Abrefa-Gyan stated.

Dr Abrefa-Gyan, an ardent activist on gender and social issues, indicated that “corruption remains the bane of Africa’s growth and development, and until governments empowered women and girls to take leadership position, it will be difficult for the continent to fight the menace.

“Leadership of women can easily shape and improve on the continent’s growth and development prospects in education, business management, community leadership and social innovation that will advance the growth and development of the continent.

“Africa must provide the opportunity for her women to serve in leadership positions if the continent desires to break the poverty gap between the rich and the poor in society, the continent has huge economic prospects, the Africa media must highlight on, and showcase the potentials to the international community to attract business investments.

“I think the Africa media must be in the best position to sharpen the continent’s narratives and reflect and tell the true picture of the African people,” Dr Abrefa-Gyan stressed. -GNA

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