Assembly launches campaign to deepen democracy

The Municipal Chief Executive of New Juaben South in the Eastern Region, Isaac Appau-Gyasi, has launched a campaign on the upcoming district level elections and referendum to deepen democracy at the local level.

The launch, he explained would enable the citizenry to be educated, sensitised and aware of the need for a Yes vote of not less than 75 per cent to be attained at the referendum.

Mr Appau-Gyasi launched the campaign when the assembly met the media to expose them to the implementation of government flagship programmes, interventions and policies coupled with the implementation of the annual action plan of the assembly.

He said the assembly would dispatch personnel to the markets and doorstep of the citizenry to educate them on the importance of the upcoming district level elections and referendum.

“The referendum seeks to amend article 55 clause 3 of the 1992 Constitution to enable political parties participate in district level elections and also offer the citizenry the opportunity to elect their own Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) and the amendment will take away the powers that enables the president to appoint MMDCEs.

“The election of the MMDCEs through political parties will promote competition among MMDCEs as well as make them accountable and transparent to the people at the grassroots,” Mr Appau-Gyasi stressed.

On the implementation of government flagship programmes and policies, he disclosed that the assembly distributed 1,000 mono, dual desks and 50 teacher’s tables and chairs to some schools in the municipality to enhance teaching and learning. Chest freezers, sewing machines and sums of money were also presented to people with disabilities to help alleviate their plight.

Mr Appau-Gyasi lamented on the poor payment of tax and property rates in the municipality since the assembly uses the income to support and assist development projects in the municipality and indicated that “the assembly will set up a task force to ensure that anyone who does not pay tax or property rate will be dealt with by the law.

“Anyone seen littering around will be made to sweep the municipality for continuous two weeks and there is need for parents and teachers to educate, sensitise and create awareness for children and the youth on the effects of poor sanitation.


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