Voice out on vigilantism disbandment – Religious leaders urged

The Acting Moderator of the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, (EPCG) Reverend Bliss Devine Aggreko, has called on the government to prosecute vigilante groups whose actions fall foul of the law.

He asked leadership of the various religious groups to also speak against the immediate disbandment of vigilantes to ensure a peaceful 2020 elections.

“The church must speak and rise against political vigilantism since it has the tendency to plunge the country into disputes. Leadership of the Christian faith should not be mute until the groups are disbanded” he stressed.

Reverend Agbeko made the call at the inaugural ceremony of the EPCG Dansoman Shalom Parish in Accra. It was on the theme: ‘Concretising Christ-like peace in holistic independence.’

He noted that the Christian faith formed the majority of the various religious groups and must voice out their grievances anytime matters of national concern arose.

Reverend Agbeko admonished politicians who use vigilantes to propagate crime and urged leadership of the various political parties to disassociate themselves from such members.

“The church should speak against the evil deeds of politicians to protect lives and properties. It is also our responsibility to promote peace, stability and unity” he said.

A Former Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana, Very Reverend Francis Amanu appealed to the government to broaden the dialogue on the disbandment of vigilantes.

He suggested the inclusion of the Peace Council, the Christian Council Catholic Bishops Conference and all other religious groups as well as Civil Society Organisations for their inputs in the disbandment of vigilantes.

“The current situation that the nation finds itself, following the upsurge of vigilantes should not be left in the hands of political parties, the government should broaden the dialogue and bring all relevant stakeholders for their input towards the disbandment of such groups whose actions have the tendency to destabilise the country,” Very Rev Amanu intimated.


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