Peace Council: No timelines for vigilantism dialogue

The National Peace Council (NPC) has stated that it cannot put a timeframe on the mediation of the dialogue between the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on the need to stop the activities of political vigilante groups.

It noted that with the kick-start of the mediation, it will continue meeting with the two parties until an amicable resolution is reached.

At the maiden meeting in Accra on Tuesday, the two major political parties emphasised the need to stop activities of political vigilante groups, both parties have among other issues, agreed to stop ownership, hiring and utilisation of vigilante groups.

Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante, the Chairman of the National Peace Council said, “This is the first step and we have not settled on anything, we need to have commitment, dedication and determination of the parties, we shall meet again on April 29.

 “We cannot put timeframe on this,  we need to discuss and dialogue on the issue until we find a solution to it, an amicable solution will be reached before the 2020 elections to avert political parties using vigilante groups, it will end before 2020 elections,” Rev. Asante assured.

The two major political parties have emphasised the need to stop the activities of political vigilante groups, this was the outcome of the first day of the dialogue to end vigilantism which is being mediated by the National Peace Council.

“After an open and exhaustive deliberation, the parties agreed vigilantism is inimical to the system and must be eradicated, significantly, both parties agreed to engage in deliberations aimed at disbanding vigilante groups operating within political parties or for political purposes, prohibiting ownership, hiring or utilisation of such groups by the political parties or members, cooperating with state agencies and stakeholders in total eradication of such groups or incidence of vigilantism,” a communiqué issued after the meeting stated.

In the communiqué signed by the Chairman of the NPP and NDC, Freddie Blay and Samuel Ofosu Ampofo respectively disclosed that the two parties had agreed to also cooperate with the relevant state agencies to ensure all of such groups were disbanded. –3news.com/citinewsroom.com

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