Peace Council: Allow EC to execute constitutional mandate

George Amoh, the General Secretary of the National Peace Council, has affirmed the independence of the Electoral Commission (EC) and appealed to all stakeholders especially political parties to allow the state body to execute its constitutional mandate.

He admonished political parties and other stakeholders to allow the Commission to do its work without fear or favour.

Mr Amoh’s admonition followed a barrage of attacks on the EC by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) after the state electoral body submitted a Constitutional Instrument (C.I) to Parliament to pass legislation that will enable the citizenry to use the Ghana Card and the passport for registration into the voters’ register.

The EC had scheduled the registration exercise on April 18, 2020 but was compelled to postpone the all-important exercise due to the lockdown measures instituted by the government to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, and that a new date will be announced for the exercise when restrictions are eased.

Mr Amoh explained that the EC had the mandate to make decisions that would maintain the peace of the country, and by allowing the EC to work according to the laws of the country, we have to keep an eye on them to know if they were working according to the law.

“If they are doing their job according to the law and they are not breaching the law then we will have to allow them do their job and it is practically impossible to rig elections in the country due to strict electoral adherence.

“The EC, as an independent body, is mandated to conduct free, fair, credible and transparent elections within the confines of the law and will continue to perform its functions as such without fear or favour.

“It is impossible for the Commission to conspire with any political party or institution as being speculated since the electoral processes remain free, fair, credible and transparent at all levels,” Mr Amoh assured.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) had claimed that the use of the Ghana card in the registration processes is a calculated attempt by the EC and its allies to suppress votes in its strongholds.

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