Kojo Bonsu to campaign on NDC’s legacies

Kojo Bonsu, a former Kumasi Metropolitan As­sembly Chief Executive, has stated that he will campaign on the legacies of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) if he is elected by the party as the flag bearer for the 2024 general elections.

“I will campaign on the legacies of the NDC to win the presiden­tial election if I am elected the flag bearer of the party because I have the knowledge, skills and experience to be the president,” he touted.

According to him, there was no other legacies to campaign on than that of the NDC since the party had a proven track record in governance of the country.

When pressed further whether he will be falling on the legacies of former President John Maha­ma in campaigning or any other person in the NDC in the event he was elected as flag bearer, Mr Bonsu maintained that he was going to campaign on NDC’s legacies.

“My leadership skills, knowl­edge, experience, qualities and work ethics put me in a position to be Head of State and I will not disappoint Ghanaians if I am given the nod,” he said and expressed optimism of achieving the dream of becoming president because he was successful as Mayor of Kumasi despite all the challenges that plagued the city.

He intimated that all over the world, most mayors turned to become presidents of their respective countries and the man­agement of the city like Kumasi could bring in power to the presi­dent and if you manage it with its challenges and problems because worldwide most mayors become presidents.

“The management of the city can bring in power to the president that is if you run such a city, with all the problems and the challenges in Kumasi, you can become the president of this country because worldwide most mayors come out to become president of their countries so my experience, my style of work, my leadership skills will push me to the position of becoming a president,” he stressed.

Mr Bonsu pointed out that the government had failed to deliver on the promises made to the citizenry ahead of the 2016 general elections because the New Patriotic Party (NPP) created the impression with all the promises they gave that they were going to make Ghana a peace haven and also resolve all the challenges.

He noted that the opposite of what they promised was being delivered and asked them to bow their heads in shame for failing Ghanaians since they made too much noise before they came to power by creating the impres­sion to people they were coming to give Ghanaians peace haven including everything that Gha­na needed but were doing the opposite.

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