Keep public abreast to reduce expectations – Emile Short

Justice Emile Short, a former Commissioner for the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, has challenged the Office of the Special Prosecutor to keep the public abreast with its work in order to reduce the huge expectations of the citizenry since they had unrealistic expectations when the office was established.

He explained that the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu needed to establish an office, recruit staff, put in place a board and appoint a deputy; there were a lot of things that had to be done before the office could be functional. He has the courage to address corruption irrespective of who is involved and I have confidence in him to deliver he added.

“I understand that he has investigated quite a number of cases. I know one is in court… it is true the citizenry are impatient, want to see some high-profile prosecutions as soon as possible, I think what the Special Prosecutor should be doing is to keep public abreast with what he is doing, they will understand delay is excusable.

“I was pleased when Mr Amidu was appointed Special Prosecutor because of his track record of fighting corruption which earned him the nickname ‘Citizen Vigilante’ but has been criticised by the citizenry for not living up to his mandate of being appointed to fight corruption in the country,” Justice Short bemoaned.

His critics told him to stop complaining about interference in his work and continue to serve as expected of him so long as no one is preventing him from carrying out his work, he must stay focused and discharge his duties professionally. They quizzed “why he is complaining all the time, let him do his work, has the president told him to stop work? No”.

“Has a minister told Martin Amidu to stop work, no, has the Criminal Investigation Department of the Police Service told him to stop work, no, I don’t think it will be useful to be at opposite ends of the table with the police, I think it will be better for him to pick up report, look at flaws, if any, within the Special Prosecutor’s Act, move on to deal with issues, nobody has stopped him or can stop him from conducting an investigative on issues bothering on corruption that matter,” they noted.

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