Get involved in limited voter registration exercise …Dr Bawumia urges Ghanaians

 The Vice Presi­dent Dr Maha­mudu Bawumia has urged eligible Ghanaian voters, including those who have just turned 18 and adults who have not yet regis­tered, to take advantage of the limited oter registration exercise, which commenced yesterday.

The exercise is being con­ducted at all Electoral Commis­sion district offices across the country.

Dr Bawumia said that the fundamental right to vote starts with the responsibility of regis­tering with the Electoral Com­mission (EC) and encouraged citizens to actively participate in the process to ensure their eligibility for the upcoming 2024 elections.

In a Facebook post, he under­scored the significance of civic engagement and the role of voter registration in enabling citizens to exercise their democratic right to vote.

Despite facing an injunction application from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and four other political parties, the EC is proceeding with the limited voters registration exercise.

According to the EC, the exercise is scheduled to run until October 2, 2023.

Eligible individuals who have turned 18 since the last registra­tion in 2020 or those who did not register for various reasons are encouraged to visit their district office of residence.

To register, they will need either their Ghana Card or Ghana Passport as identification. In cases where eligible applicants do not possess these identification docu­ments, they can be vouched for by two registered voters to facilitate their registration.

The five political parties, including the NDC, CPP, All People’s Congress, Liberal Party of Ghana, and Great Consolidat­ed Popular Party, filed a lawsuit on September 7 challenging the EC’s decision to limit the voter registra­tion exercise to its district offices.

They argued that the decision might disenfranchise many eligible voters, particularly those in remote areas. —Citinewroom.com

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