‘Fight against corruption should commence from c’nities’

The Executive Director of the Center for Greater Impact Africa (CGIA), a policy think tank, the Reverend Dr Samuel Worlanyo Mensah, has suggested that the fight against corruption should commence from the communities in the country.

“Corruption is a canker affecting the prospects of our country and to be able to stamp out such tendencies, stakeholders including the clergy must play a key role before the fight can be fought seriously at individuals, community and national levels,” he explained.

According to Rev Mensah, religious leaders could be blamed for the level at which corruption had eaten into the nation’s moral fibre since they had failed to point out wrong deeds to persons involved in corrupt practices, adding that“because of their status in the church and in the mosque so as religious leaders we must reposition our religious values, beliefs and norms”.

He bemoaned the situation where community leaders and politicians were glorified at church and the mosque and prayed for after giving out huge sums of monies to the churches and the mosques without knowing the sources of such monies and admonished the citizenry not to discard their customs, norms, culture and values in place of foreign ones because foreign preferences could be a contributing factor to the rampant increase in corruption cases.

Francis Ameyibor, Tema Regional Manager of the Ghana News Agency, said as an industrial news hub, it would need to engage those in the industry on national issues to educate, sensitise and create awareness for citizens.

“As an industrial news hub, GNA-Tema has created a platform for industrial players and captains to use, for other stakeholders to reach out in a proactive manner while serving as grounds to address national issues,” he stressed. -GNA

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