Entrenched politicisation of nat’l issues threat to democracy–Peace Council

The Executive Secretary of the National Peace Council, George Amoh, has warned that the entrenched politicisation of national issues is a threat to the country’s democracy.

He explained that the surest ways to protect the democratic dispensation was to summon the courage to commend the president when he makes the right decisions and criticise him when he errs.

Mr Amoh charged Ghanaians to criticise President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo “if he makes unpopular decisions because we are in a country where everything is seen in a political eye, and that is not helping us to accelerate socioeconomic development.

“When issues are not good, regardless of our political inclination, we should be courageous in our effort to protect democracy for our children and their children and we should also have the courage to point them out where we think they are not right,” Mr Amoh postulated.

Speaking at an event to mark the United Nations International Day of Democracy on the theme: ‘The Role of State Actors and Civil Societies in Consolidating Democracy, Human Rights, and Peace’, he noted that where our leaders are right the citizenry should have the courage to commend them and also criticise them whenever there were disagreement.

“If the president does something good for us, we should have the courage to say is good but when it is not, we should also have the courage to say this one is not good and there is the need to adopt and adapt in helping shape democratic governance so that it does not pose threat to the peace, unity, stability, harmony and cohesion prevailing in the country,” Mr Amoh said.

He cautioned that the worsening unemployment rate was also another threat to the democracy since last year the country dropped by 0.43 on the unemployment statistics indicating that unemployment was worsening.

Mr Amoh observed that the situation opened the ground for extremists, terrorists, and vigilantism to disturb democracy and urged the government to ensure the situation was addressed to enable the citizens feel safe and secured. –myjoyonline.com

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