Eat made-in-Ghana food beverages to promote economic growth – GTA

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), Mr Akwasi Agyeman, has advocated the need for Ghanaians to patronage locally- made foods and beverages to promote Ghana’s economic growth and culture.

According to him, Ghanaians had a role to preserve the culture and heritage of the country at all times. 

Speaking at the launch of the “Feast Ghana” event held in Accra last Wednesday to promote and display locally-made foods, Mr Agyeman said local food patronage was essential to boost economic development.

He also described the love for foreign foods by Ghanaians as pathetic, and one which had a negative impact on the country’s economy.

Mr Agyeman said “the feast Ghana launch” promoted locally- made foods through visual tools such as food festivals and cooking competitions .

He underscored the importance of creating awareness among Ghanaians about the quality and nutritional value of locally sourced foods and beverages.

The GTA boss highlighted the exceptional quality and diverse flavours of Ghanaian cuisine, which reflected the country’s rich cultural tapestry and culinary traditions.

“Every time we choose a made-in-Ghana product, we are not only investing in our economy but also preserving our unique cultural identity,” he said.

Mr Agyeman said the tourism sector played a critical role  in promoting Ghanaian cuisine to both domestic and international visitors.

“As Ghana strives to achieve economic growth and food security, the encouragement to patronize made-in-Ghana foods and drinks serves as a rallying cry for national development and pride in indigenous products”,he said .

The Minister-designate for the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Mr Andrew Egyapa, said that the development of food centres was crucial to enhance local food patronage.

“Presentation of food centres play crucial roles in promoting local foods by ensuring their freshness, extending their shelf life, and showcasing their quality and diversity to consumers”, he said.

He added that there would also be a similar event on May 1, 2024, at the Accra International Conference Centre to create awareness of locally- made foods.

The minister-designate expressed the believe that the tourism industry had an important role in promoting locally made food, hence the launch of the event.

“I believe strongly that within our tourism and hospitality industry, we must promote local products, local foods, and local beverages. Hence, we are here today to launch feast Ghana,” he said .


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