COVID-19: NDC expresses misgivings about govt’s combat…But Awuku slams response team

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) coronavirus (COVID-19) technical team has predicted that the number of confirmed cases in the country will rise if the government does not convert its technical team into a crisis management team to properly deal with the situation.

It explained that the government’s technical committee  must be elevated into a crisis management  team, to reflect it is no longer an ordinary technical committee but a committee made up of all sectors of the economy, to address the crisis that confronts the nation.

Speaking at a press briefing, Prosper Bani, chairman for the team, indicated that from assessment and conversation with the NDC technical team, there was an expectation the current number of 53 would continue to rise and the nation must be prepared for the rough ride.  

He pointed out that the condition would worsen before it got better if the citizenry do not put their acts together but work collectively with an objective leading to  same solution.

But Sammy Awuku, the National Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has described as “unpresidential”, former President Mahama’s decision to form a covid-19 response team and insisted that he was  seeking attention in dire moments for political gain by arrogating onto itself the powers to set up parallel structures to counter that of the state. 

“Former President Mahama’s conduct is not presidential, there is no need to form any committee except for political gain, they have travelled beyond basic politics, what kind of suggestions are they going to give? Politicising the situation is the lowest point.

“This is not the time to play politics but I was surprised to realise the leader of NDC has set up a covid-19 response team, there is no country where an opposition party has set up a response team, what is the terms of reference? It is a wrong move, needless and sought to politicise  situation,” Mr Awuku decried.. 

The experts put together by NDC to help fight against covid-19 have raised concerns over the likely impression created among the citizenry over fumigation of some markets by the government, even though the exercise was important, there was risk of the citizenry thinking it provided immunity against the virus.

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