‘Continue to operate within tenets of Islam’

The Metropolitan Chief Executive of Tema, Felix Nii Annang-La, has asked Muslims to hold fast the principles that guide their faith, in order to gain the full blessings that accompany the religion.

“I urge you to constantly seek the tenets of Allah after Ramadan, so that the blessing of Allah will show in the country,” and he appealed to Muslims to continue to “seek the precepts of Prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam, which will assure them of success in your lives and translate into prosperity for the nation”.

Mr Annang-La, who made the call at the 2019 Eid-ul-Fitr prayers which marked the end of the month of Ramadan at Tema, called on Muslims to support the Tema Restoration Agenda and the Tema Metropolitan Assembly in its environmental and sanitation activities, to help restore the city to its former glory.

“Support the Zongo Council Initiative programme of the government and participate in the on-going national identification exercise as patriotic citizens,” he noted.

Alhaji Adam Abubakar, the Tema Metropolitan Chief Imam, admonished Muslims to unite even with their divergent backgrounds, for the greater cause of national development and cohesion and added that “all of us are different one way or the other, we come from different backgrounds, we speak different languages and our levels of education are also different.

“We may have different views on issues with also different perceptions, opinions that should be accepted, this should not divide us because we’re a people with a common destiny, so regardless of colour, nationality or gender, we should be united in any event that serves as part of the Islamic faith,” he noted.

Alhaji Abubakar prayed that Allah keep them united, give them wisdom to rise above their differences, so that they could help build the nation. -gna.org

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