Book on international law, ECOWAS normative architecture launched

A book on Contemporary International Law and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Normative Architecture has been launched in Accra. 

Titled, “The Evolving ECOWAS Normative Architecture and Contemporary International Law: A Case Study of Pro-Democracy Intervention in the Gambia,” the book focuses on ECOWAS’ Pro-Democracy Intervention in The Gambia’s December 2016 post-electoral dispute. 

The 459- page and seven-chapter book is authored by, Dr Senalor K. Yawlui, Deputy Head of Mission/Permanent Representative of Ghana to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). 

Launching the book last Wednesday, the Deputy Minister OF Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration (Political and Economic), Mr Kwaku Ampratwum-Sarpong, said the book offered synopsis of general intervention and institutional development of ECOWAS. 

He noted that, ECOWAS was one of the most dynamic regional economic communities in Africa and an effective component of the African peace and security architecture linking all regional economic possibilities of the continent. 

“With a comprehensive review, I recommend this book to all policymakers, academia, the diplomatic community, staff of this Ministry, students engaged in contemporary issues in public law and researchers,” he said. 

Dr Yawlui in his remarks said the book begun with a background to conflict situations and political instability on the African continent and measures adopted by African governments and sub-Regional Economic Communities such as the ECOWAS to address the trend, which appeared to hinder the development of the continent.

He added that, the book discussed the State Sovereignty and Humanitarian Intervention in Contemporary Law in the context of the primacy of the protection of human rights, ECOWAS Peace and Security Architecture, as well as a general overview of ECOWAS’ interventions.

Dr Yawlui, who is also a former Adjunct Lecturer in Public International Law and International Trade and Investment Law at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Faculty of Law, noted that, the discussions later dealt with ECOWAS’ intervention in the Gambia and an assessment of ECOWAS’ Governance Agenda, ending up with concluding remarks and recommendations. 

“Background to Conflict Prevention and Management in Africa In the past three decades, there have been civil unrest and incidents of catastrophic violent conflicts and human suffering in Africa on a scale unparalleled in human history. 

Several millions of Africans, notably women and children, have been killed in deadly conflicts on the continent,” he said. 


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