Bawah Mogtari: Mahama yet to decide on contesting Election 2024

Special aide to former President John Mahama, Joyce Bawah Mogtari, has disclosed that no ‘firm decision’ has been made on whether the former president will lead the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Election2024.

She explained that with three years left for Ghanaians to go to the polls, former President Mahama and his camp have ample time to deliberate and make a decision on whether to “throw in his hat for the elections”.

However, Madam Mogtari suggested that former President Mahama would stand a chance of winning should he contest the 2024 elections saying “my conviction is premised on gains the Mahama-led administration and the NDC made in the 2020 elections as well as the failure of the current government to deliver on its promise.

“There is acceptance – the former president steered affairs of the country better than his successor and it is early days yet. I always say three years is a long time, no firm decisions have been made but I tend to engage all sort of people and anytime I meet people they pray that he comes back again.

“I think history has been kind to him, in many ways, he has attained within a short time certain modicum of vindication, I think people are warmer, more accepting, more expectant and best thing is, in 2020 after the loss we all did not expect in 2016, exactly four years later he could garner six million electorates to vote not just for his ticket but for the NDC.

“I think that gives you expectation, realisation, also brings issues people did not understand then, with benefit of hindsight they understand now, appreciate him more and cited issue of corruption as one of the major drawbacks of the government,” Madam Mogtari postulated.

According to her, while the president promised in opposition to adopt effective and efficient ways of dealing with the canker, the issue has rather worsened under his watch; during his campaign he said was going to use the Anas principle which everyone believed.

Madam Mogtari noted that after assumption of power, there were alleged issues of corruption which had made citizens to rethink certain issues and lauded former President Mahama for his tolerance of opposing views and handling of the economy when he was in the helm of affairs of the country. –

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