Awinador Kanyirige: Deliberate sacrifices needed to accelerate devt

Maame Awinador Kanyirige, a consultant at Blackbridge Consulting Group, has observed that in order to address the problems and challenges that the country is saddled with, the citizenry must be willing and ready to make deliberate personal sacrifices.  

She said without such sacrifice the nation would not be able to accelerate the development agenda to ameliorate the plight of citizens.

“Citizens of the countries that developed their economies to admiration of the entire world made deliberate personal sacrifices to patronise what their own companies produced, for instance, the inordinate taste for foreign goods and services as against locally produced materials must change,” Maame Kanyirige noted.

Speaking at a Media General public forum on ‘Whose duty it is to fix the country’, she noted that addressing myriads of challenges and challenges facing the country would not take a day but all hands must be on deck and called on the government to invest in the youth which was the real gold of the nation.

She indicated that it would help grow indigenous companies and make them viable to compete against their foreign counterparts adding that “now that we are not there and we are starting from where we are to where we want to be, requires deliberate personal sacrifices for our children to tell a different story.

“Any generation that is not willing to make sacrifices cannot get it right so to fix the country, is going to take a lot of hard work, sacrifice and personal discipline from us that we may have to do for the next generation and that is where our mindset should understand the #FixTheCountry campaign.

 “In our country, a lot of companies are making money and our local companies are not doing well so what are the sacrifices to make? I am going to have to understand people buy Chinese items because the Chinese buy them, we need to support and assist our local businesses and we need to change our appetite for foreign goods and services,” Maame Kanyirige proffered.

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