Apostle Nyamekye advises citizenry not to fight for leadership if…

The Chairman of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle Kwabena Nyamekye, has advised those aspiring for leadership positions to ensure that they possess the ability, right relationships and the resources to successfully deliver on their mandates.

He observed that the citizenry were often disappointed by leaders who lacked the requisite to resolve the challenges for which they were given the authority.

“Leadership is responsibility, every leader must be results-oriented, have integrity to lead, focus of every leader must be to solve problems, meet the needs of the people, he or she must live an exemplary lifestyle that is pleasing to God to surmount all challenges,” Apostle Nyamekye admonished.

Addressing a service at the Alajo Central Assembly of the Church of Pentecost, where the newly inaugurated President of the Ghana Journalists Association, Albert Kwabena Dwumfour, is a congregant, he quoted Proverbs 14:34 and pointed out that righteousness exalted a nation, but sin was reproach to any people.

Apostle Nyamekye reiterated that the country was not advancing because of widespread unrighteousness but regardless of myriad of churches across the country, there were too much darkness regarding attitudes of both the leaders and citizens saying “for the nation to achieve transformation both leaders and Ghanaians must embrace righteousness and work for common purpose”.

He appealed to Mr Dwumfour, to employ the Pentecostal teaching of purposefulness and righteousness to transform the Association and must move into office as salt and light to bring a change and would be identified as a Christian and allow God reign wherever he found himself.

“If, indeed, journalism is the Fourth Estate of the Realm, may we do good and impactful journalism to build a strong nation, Iassure you the Church is excited one of their own has attain such a feat, we will support, assist you with counsel, prayers to be successful, pray for leaders to bear good fruits, serve our people with humility and leave a positive legacy,” Apostle Nyamekye stated.

Mr Dwumfour, on his part, gave glory to God for seeing him through his lowly beginnings to a place where he could serve in leadership capacity. He said he was encouraged by the goodwill and prayers received from different segments and was determined to execute his mandate as an exemplary leader. “I will not disappoint you,” he said, and urged his fellow contestants to get on board and work as a team to strengthen the media towards national sustainable development.

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