We have cure for COVID-19 …Boxing trainer Paul Dogboe claims

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has dealt a fatal blow to the world – killing tens of thousands across the globe.

Such damage has also affected the sporting world hugely as almost all activities have been brought to a halt.

Today, many countries are in frantic search for the ‘almighty’ vaccine to crush the virus. So far, there is no vaccine in sight.

Perhaps, the world must not look any further as Ghanaian boxing trainer and father of former World Boxing Organisation (WBO) super bantamweight champion Isaac ‘Royal Storm’ Dogboe, Paul Dogboe, has disclosed that the permanent panacea is at the ‘holy land’ of Zidakorfe-Anyako Kpota, in the Volta Region of Ghana.

In an exclusive chat with Times Sports on Wednesday, the boxing trainer said the current coronavirus and other viruses that would hit the surface of the earth, was prophesied  at last December’s  Passover Feast celebration by the Apostles Revelation Society (ARS) where the Highest Prophet of the Lord, Prophet Edwin Kwesi Wogbloexo Wovenu II, successor to the founder of ARS church – Mawu Fe Ame (Man of God) Charles Korbla Nutornutsi Wovenu I, read out a revelation written down by the founder, on October 10, 1992.

In 1966, Mawu Fe Ame Wovenu I was invited by Army General J.A Ankrah, Chairman of the National Liberation Council, to consecrate the Osu Castle (then seat of government). General Ankrah served as the second President of Ghana from 1966 to 1969.

According to the Man of God’s revelation, there was going to be a set of 36 virus attacks on the surface of the earth that is going to kill a lot of people within a period of seven years, beginning from 2020.

“The 36 viruses could all be in a year or spread over seven years as no one can tell for now,” he added.

The chilling revelation further went ahead to name the cure for the viruses which are the roots of the Penianthus Zenkeri and Clausena Anisata trees.

“Go and look for the roots of the trees named Penianthus Zenkeri and Clausena Anisata, cook it and give it to everybody for free to drink throughin the whole year and this shall be the antidote to the viruses,” it was revealed.

Paul Dogboe, who is a nephew to the ARS founder Prophet Wovenu 1, noted that the revelation also stated there was only one place that the medicine should be prepared from – and that is Zidakofe, Anyako Kpota.

“I will encourage everybody to go to Zidakorfe-Anyako Kpota to get the medicine for free. It is not to be sold. It is free for everybody and that’s a direction from God.”

He stated that the revelation attributed the cause of these viruses (including coronavirus) to sexual immorality of persons in high places against the masses and arrogance of people towards the covenant of the Lord.

Paul Dogboe posited that there were revelations geared at the security services in the country of which the Lord Prophet Wovenu II, wrote letters to the Police, Military and Fire service administration as well as to the Minister of Interior, inviting them to inform them of further revelations, the difficult times ahead and the things to be done according to the prophet, to save all.

One letter sighted by Times Sports and dated January 1, 2020, written from the office of the ARS leader to the Minister of Interior which was stamped and received on January 9, read: “On October 10, 1992, the Lord Jehovah spoke to his Servant, Prophet Wovenu about the future events including the safety of all fields of security worldwide.”

“The Lord counselled that all security agents should be sent to the House of the Lord for three-hour counseling and prayers.

“This counseling and prayer meeting is for the Police, Army, Prisons and Fire Service officials of lower and highest rank, to let them be fortified against all forms of attacks by Satan for seven years beginning from this year 2020.”

He said since accepting this letter, nothing has been heard from the various institutions again, urging the authorities to go to Zidakorfe-Anyako Kpota to verify things for themselves.

“Perhaps, the revelations have been taken for granted and this could have a dangerous repercussion,” Paul Dogboe cautioned.

He told the Times Sports that his son – Isaac Dogboe, who was in the States when the revelations were made, flew into the country some seven weeks ago to take some of the prepared medicine back for use.

“It’s an efficacious medicine and I’m happy Isaac came down to fetch some to the States for himself, siblings and friends,” he added, pleading with Ghanaians to take advantage of the revelation and get cosseted.


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