Tarkwa–Nsuaem residents demo over deplorable road

Residents of Ahwetieso, Iduapriem junction and Tamso, in the Tarkwa–Nsuaem municipality, yesterday demonstrated over the deplorable state of the Tarkwa -Takoradi Highway.

At exactly 6am, the demonstrators clad in red and black cloth and singing ‘jama’ songs, blocked the highway and burnt lorry tyres, resulting in traffic.

Pedestrians, including school children, were prevented from crossing to either Tarkwa or Takoradi.

As at 7.30am, journalists assigned to report on a presidential engagement, were also stranded for about six hours, and some people had to walk several kilometres to their destinations.

Demonstrators emerged from different locations, and converged at the Iduapriem Anglogold Ashanti Mine junction, where they set tyres ablaze.

John Ghansah, a demonstrator, complained that for more than three years, the Tarkwa-Takoradi highway has deteriorated, creating inconvenience to residents and motorists.

He also said “the dusty Tarkwa-Takoradi highway has seriously affected our health. The road is a threat to our lives. Government, as a matter of urgency should consider repairing the road.

He lamented that governments had paid lip-service to the Tarkwa-Takoradi highway.

In September, last year, the chiefs and the people of the Tarkwa Apinto Divisional Council and stakeholders blocked the main road   linking Tarkwa and Takoradi to protest the deplorable roads within the municipality.

Meanwhile, the Gyaasehene of the Apinto Division, Nana Dr Adarkwa Bediako II, told journalists, the chiefs and other stakeholders from Dompim area had given a two –week ultimatum to the government to repair the road, else the demonstration would be repeated.

He said that “the heavy mining trucks had become a danger to residents and other road users”.

Nana Dr Bediako stated: “Wassa Fiase and the Apinto Division and others have come together to launch this campaign believing that government will hear our cry. This road links the northern part of the Western Region to the southern part. Bauxite from Awaso and manganese from Nsuta are transported on this road. We should be treated fairly. We can’t wait for another disaster to happen.”


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