Stop copying foreign rhythms for your songs— Kofi Byble advises local artistes

The fast trending lyrical preacher, Kofi Byble has called on industry players to support local artistes to prevent them from riding on foreign rhythm for their music.

According to him, the new trend of rhythm and accent showcased by many local artistes resulted from the support they lacked from promoters like disc jockeys (DJs) and bloggers.

The versatile artiste observed that the Ghanaian cultural rhythm and accent were dumped for foreign ones as artistes were compelled to embrace Nigerian musical rhythm.

The free promotion Nigerian artistes enjoy in the country, he said has crippled the growth of the creative art industry, adding that “this act has deprived many young talented Ghanaians with no adequate resources to excel.”

In order to fine tune the industry, the Gheneral Empire Record Signee charged industry players to help groom the local artistes to gain foreign recognition.

He noted that everyone has a role to play in developing the nation “therefore we have to act right, support each other and love one another; we cannot develop our industry if we promote foreigners at the expense of the indigenes.”

The Dangote hit maker outlining some of the challenges told Times Weekend (TW) in an exclusive interview in Accra on Thursday that the industry needs to be reshaped and called on the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) to address the challenges.

He underscored the need for top artistes to nurture young talents by featuring them, adding that they should not view other artistes as competitors.

“Artistes have to unite because we are different people with different brands, unity will help us to compete fairly with the foreign arts,” Kofi Byble added.

Privately known as Evans Ofori Amoani, he is an afro dancehall singer and rapper who is known for his hit tracks like Baby Mama, Sugar Mama among others and has received nominations for the Eastern Music Awards (EMA).

Recently he released an afro pop track dubbed “Dangote,” which featured Fameye, the song which is receiving massive air play has also garnered lots of controversies.

TW delved more into the controversial side:


TW: Welcome to TW!

Kofi: Thank you!

TW: How did you get your stage name?

Kofi: Ok I am locally known as Kofi because I was born on Friday, the Byble came about when I started to give great lyrical content to motivate people. Lots of Ghanaians saw me as a lyrical preacher that’s why I branded myself as bible for God to continue using me as a vessel.

TW: You just performed at the Reign Concert, how did it go?

Kofi: It was a great platform and I was happy to be part of artistes billed to perform at the event. I was also having my tour dubbed “Dangote tour” in the Eastern Region so I had to combine the two.

TW: Tell us more about the Dangote tour?

Kofi: Dangote tour forms part of my promotional activities to bring the Dangote track closer to the people. The tour gave platform for upcoming artistes to showcase their talent. I chose Eastern as the starting point for the tour because that is my root and I have to make my people have the best of me before proceeding to other regions.

TW: What informed the track?

Kofi: The track was written to inspire the world that no matter the hustle God is in control. It also encourages people to work hard because success doesn’t come easily; it takes lots of hard work, prayers, learning and dedication.

TW: Why did you use Dangote’s name while there are successful people the likes of Osei Kwame Despite?

Kofi: Yeah Despite is a great person but music deals with “rhyme and rhythm.” I chose Dangote because the sound of the name perfectly suits the rhythm of the song.  I also admire him and pray to God always to make me be like him.

TW: Will you accept to perform on political platforms?

Kofi: Yeah!

TW: Why?

Kofi: Because I am a business minded person whose job is to entertain, my business on political campaign platform is just to entertain not to deliver political speech. My fans know music unite people and unity will make us stand.

TW: Dangote is really doing well; do you have plans to remix the track?

Kofi: My fans are demanding remix and they want me to feature Medikal, so my management is working on that.

TW: How do want people to see your brand?

Kofi: I want people to see my brand as a business minded artiste who inspired and helped to raise talent.

TW: Any word to artistes?

Kofi: Ghana has its own culture and we should promote our culture to the world not foreign ones.

TW: Final words to fans!

Kofi: They should keep patronising the Dangote track on all the mainstream media and vote for me to bring home the award of the three categories I was nominated for in the EMA.  I was nominated for “Afro pop song and artiste of the year as well as Music Video of the year.”

TW: Thank you for your time.

Kofi: My pleasure!


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