How Bun ByDaway Is Facilitating Up and Coming Musicians at BDW Studios

Bun Bydaway is a well-recognized name in the music industry and a seasoned entrepreneur. He owns five businesses with BDW Studios being one of his best endeavors. Since childhood, Bun believed in working hard and that has helped him create a flourishing business and reach a net worth of $8 million.

Bun Bydaway’s passion for hip-hop and pop music came from his days in the hood. For him, music is not just business; it’s an art and an expression of oneself. BDW Studios and his entertainment agency CBDW are also involved in A&R, finding unique talents. Bun says, “These artists come from neglected communities. They have great promise and we want to offer them a platform to grow. Such voices need to be heard as they paint a true picture of the communities that need support.” They tell their stories through music that resonates with hundreds of people all around the world, and help undiscovered artists find their way to the spotlight.

Bun grew up listening to music by great artists who gave sent out a message through their music. He felt that it was time to talk about his struggles and the issues of modern American society. So, he chose hip-hop music — a globally popular genre that connects people from different backgrounds.

Bun decided to leverage this genre and find young artists to create music that is authentic, both in terms of the personality of the artist and the essence of the songs. Songs similar to the likes of Billy Byrd’s Tomorrow are popular because of their rawness and truth. Such music is beyond entertainment – it’s powerful and gives listeners strength.

Music has been a constant partner in his journey. He believes in helping out his community in every way possible. He is also a skilled poker player and has won several tournaments. His vision for the future is to contribute to and create a better society for his community.

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