“Alyst” Jared Woodson Opens Up About “Gleeming” Ruling Hot 97

Music is one of those things that most of us respond to naturally. It’s almost magical how our bodies react to rhythm and melodies even before we realize it in our minds. Something about music captures our imagination and makes us respond from somewhere deep inside. This is the effect that most listeners experience with their favorite music. But what about those who create it. For young hip-hop artist Jared Woodson, it feels divine twice over. With his new single ruling the hip hop station Hot 97, Jared shows us how he got there.

Jared’s journey to becoming a musician quite likely started when he was still in his mother’s womb. He probably heard her, a singer of international renown, crooning melodies while carrying him. It’s also very likely that Jared knew what his father sounded like before he knew what he looked like because his father is also a musician who had even toured with Michael Jackson as the pianist during his Thriller tour. The house was filled with music and, as Jared recounts, “was something each one of us carried forth in the way we were. Music was very much a member of the family. Naturally, I was seen as a music lover, at school if not a musician yet. But all in all, it was a true blessing to grow up in a household where talent was ever-present and greatly revered.”

Jared has been performing for a while now. His latest single, Gleeming,’ has got many grooving. And Jared felt a bit closer to his main goal when it was played on the Number 1 hip hop station Hot 97. Talking about his dream, he says, “The moment I heard my number on radio, I felt over the moon. But the best was yet to come as people started sharing it and showing it their love. The success of my song has added fuel to my goal, which is to win a Grammy. It is what I have dreamt of since the beginning.”

Jared owed his success with his song going #1 to his legion of fans on Instagram who keep him motivated to do what he likes to do best. He plans on releasing his debut album soon. And we are sure that he has his fans on edge waiting for it to drop.

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