Republic of Korea presents equipment to Foreign Affairs Ministry

The Korean government yesterday presented Information Communications Technology (ICT) equipment and accessories to support Ghana’s preparation toward the hosting of the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping ministerial meeting to be held in December in Accra.

The items including 20 laptops, 20 printers, and headphones, was the first tranche of ICT accessories and were received by  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  and Regional Integration, to facilitate their administrative work for a successful hosting of the conference.

The Korea Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Lim Jung-Taek, in handing over the ICT equipment to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Kwaku Ampratuwm Sarpong, said the Korea government would donate about $ 1 million dollar worth of ICT products and vehicles to Ghana.

He said the vehicles would include 12 protocol vehicles and vans, stressing that these vehicles were now in transit from Korea to Ghana.

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Mr Jung-Taek said Korea was a strong supporter of the UN peacekeeping missions, stressing “this is the reason why my government decided to support Ghana host the 2023 Peacekeeping Ministerial Conference”.

He assured that Korea as past immediate host of the conference, would continue to cooperate with Ghana toward the preparations of the conference.

Mr Sarpong applauded Korea for their logistic support to the Ministry, adding that the Korea government was among the few partners that pledged to support Ghana.

“As we anticipated, the Republic of Korea willingly shared lessons learnt from hosting the 2021 Conference, and without delay, committed to provide some level of in-kind support towards the preparation.

Today, it is my utmost pleasure to witness the fulfillment of Korea’s pledge to accept this donation on behalf of the Ministry, and convey gratitude of the government for the support,” Mr Sarpong said.

He assured that the equipment would be installed immediately to aid the work of the planning committee of the ministerial meeting and its secretariat, while the remaining equipment would be set up at the conference site to facilitate the administrative work.


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