Police youth clash over Songhor salt mining site at Ada

Residents of Fiifi, a suburb of Nyanyano, Kasoa, in the Ewutu Senya East municipality of the Central Region are calling for the fixing of streetlights and frequent police patrol in the area following the gruesome murder of a 39 year old man last week.

The deceased, Mr Francis Dawson, a television repairer was allegedly burnt to death by some unknown men around 9pm on October 18.

According to residents, the crime could have been prevented, especially at that time of the night if the streetlights in the area were functional.

The community members who have been thrown into a state of shock by the dastardly act also expressed worry about the high rate of criminal activities in the vicinity, adding that many now lived in fear of being robbed, rapped or killed.

When the Ghanaian Times visited the crime scene, which is along a pathway, about 50 metres from the main Fiifi bus stop, on Saturday morning, there were some signs of the car tyres which were allegedly used to commit the crime.

A brown plastic was also spotted on the debris.

In an interview with the GhanaianTimes, Bismark Oduro, a resident and eye witness said he and his siblings saw flames coming from the direction of the crime scene but were not perturbed because he thought it was someone burning refuse.

However, he noted that people started raising alarm about a burnt body at the location the following day and that was how the whole community found out about the heinous act.

“We found the deceased lying badly burnt with some remaining parts of burnt car tyres around him. Unfortunately, no one saw any of the perpetrators of the crime. We are now living in fear because if such a crime can be committed in an open place like this, then it means no one here is safe.

We are pleading with authorities to increase police patrols here, especially at night,” he added.

Ernestina oppong, a trader said she was once robbed of her handbag containing money and a mobile phone when she was returning from work around 7:30pm in the same area and was convinced that with functioning streetlights and frequent police patrols, crime rate in the area would drastically reduce.

Fuseini Abdul-Karim, an Okada rider also told the GhanaianTimes that he once gave a man whom he caught redhanded attacking a woman a hot chase, apprehended him and handed over the police.

“Criminal activities are very common here and we the okada riders try to monitor whoever we find suspicious and report to the police but we are also in danger because if we are attacked by an armed criminal there is very little we can do for ourselves so the police and the Assembly should please prioritise the safety of residents here,” he said.


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