NPP launches manifesto, CPP elects flagbearer, national officers: Two major steps towards election 2020

Two significant events took place at the weekend in the Central Regional capital, Cape Coast, where the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) successfully unveiled its Election 2020 Manifesto, and the Convention People’s Party(CPP) election of Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, for the second time, as the Presidential Candidate in the December 7 polls.

These are major steps taken by the two parties as they ready themselves to battle it out in the upcoming general elections in December.

The Ghanaian Times applauds the two parties, particularly the ruling party for the successful launch of the party’s manifesto that encapsulates the policies, plans, programmes the party promises to implement, as it seeks a renewal of the mandate of the electorate in the December 7 general election.

The stage is now set for other political parties who have not outdoored their manifestos to do so as the country heads towards the general elections in barely four months time.

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As always, the electorate is expectant and looking forward to policies that would transform lives and bring significant improvement in living conditions.

Furthermore, all political parties contesting the elections know more than we do, that, the major task that would confront them is how their policies would further reduce extreme poverty and the growing inequalities in our society, so that, an inclusive society would be created and ‘no one will be left behind’ as espoused by the Sustainable Development Goals agenda 2030, that Ghana is signatory to.

In addition to what the politician may wish to do when they win power, we wish to draw their attention to the recently launched Multidimensional poverty situation in Ghana, especially at the time the world is taking a knock from the COVID-19 pandemic that is taking a huge toll on lives and livelihoods across the world.

The foreword of the report states: “It is welcoming news that for the past seven years, between 2011 and 2018, multidimensional poverty, its incidence and severity have reduced across the country, with significant improvements in electricity, cooking fuel and school attainment.”

“What is even more heartening is that Northern Region (present day Northern, Savannah and North East) had the greatest improvement.

However, the report reveals inequalities, particularly relating to rural/urban and geographical divides, with rural areas and former Northern Region having relatively higher levels of multidimensional poverty.”

The Ghanaian Times wishes to remind all the parties that, in addition to all that they are seeking to do, there is the need for inclusive development, so that no one is left behind.

On the part of the CPP, we applaud the rank and file of the party for working tirelessly to put the party structures in place and for reinvigorating the party towards regaining power.

Majority of party supporters and well wishers were relieved when the results were announced. Many did not believe that the party could pull through.
As it turned out, it is one of the most peaceful and well organised elections held by a major political party in the country. This is a great achievement for the party.

Indeed, the party and its supporters deserve commendations for a tremendous feat that only few days ago appeared to be a mission impossible.

We congratulate the party’s flagbearer, Mr Greenstreet for winning the mandate and getting the nod of the delegates again to lead the party in the December 7 polls.

We also commend all the newly elected party officials and urge them to work harder with the rank and file to achieve the goals of the party.

We want to remind them to maintain the peace and stability of the country by ensuring decency in the upcoming polls.

Once again, we congratulate the party and particularly the past leadership of the CPP for holding the party together under difficult circumstance, till the elections of the new officers.

We entreat the past officers to offer their support to the new crop of officers, by sharing their rich experiences and expertise to help turn around the party’s electoral fortunes.

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