NDC calls for probe into alleged theft of biometric electoral equipment

The Nation­al Democratic Congress (NDC) has called for an immediate and comprehensive investigation into alleged theft of biometric electoral equipment.

The party is also demand­ing a forensic audit of the voters register that is under CCTV surveillance at the Headquarters of the Electoral Commis­sion (EC).

The General Secretary of the NDC, Mr Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, speaking on the party’s Moment of Truth mantra at a press conference in Accra on Monday, suggested that the investigation must be con­ducted by an independent body, supplemented with international observers, to ensure neutrality and thoroughness.

He said the NDC would not ac­cept anything short of corrective measures that would restore public confidence in the electoral roll and the alleged stolen equipment.

Mr Kwetey called for a detailed report on any such probe that would comprehensively identify those who were actually responsi­ble for the alleged theft, and out­line significant corrective measures to prevent such breaches in the future.

“We call for a complete audit of the EC’s inventory and securi­ty measures. This audit should encompass all BVR and BVD equipment and must be carried out by an independent auditor to verify the integrity of all electoral materials and processes.

“Let me be unequivocal: these are not merely requests; they are demands echoing the will of the people for a transparent, fair, and secure electoral process,” he said.

Mr Kwetey reminded the EC that the eyes of the nation, and in­deed the international community, were firmly fixed on its actions.

He said the responds of the EC to issues raised would not only determine the credibility of the forthcoming elections, but also define the future of democracy in Ghana.

“We stand ready to hold the Electoral Commission account­able, to challenge every inconsis­tency, and to confront any obfus­cation,” Mr Kwetey added.

He said NDC, alongside the citizens of Ghana, would accept nothing less than full transparency, immediate action, and concrete solutions to alleged breach of electoral security.

Mr Kwetey said the implications of the alleged theft of biometric electoral equipment was not an isolated incident, but indicator of potentially broader systemic vul­nerabilities that could be exploited to alter electoral outcome.

He was of the view that each laptop and other equipment in the EC’s inventory could potentially influence the electoral process.

Mr Kwetey said the suspected theft of such devices raised critical questions about the possibility of insider threats or external breach­es, which could lead to unautho­rised access to sensitive systems.

In response to any breach, the General Secretary said the assur­ances provided by EC officials did not suffice in the face of potential electoral tampering or fraud.


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