I fear I’ll be raped —65-year-old grandmother appeals for help

A 65 year old woman has expressed fear of being raped after constantly suffering molestation from a yet to be identified young man who resides in her neighbourhood in Teshie, Accra.

Narrating her ordeal in an interview with the Ghanaian Times on Friday, Madam Victoria Abroah, whose attention caught the reporter during a human right promotion programme at the Teshie market in Accra, said, she had on countless occasions threatened to report the man whose name she did not know to the police.

She said her inability to move around easily due to the faulty nature of her wheelchair prevented her from making an official complaint to the police.

She is, therefore, calling on authorities to come to her rescue before she becomes a victim of rape.

“I now live in fear, almost every night this young man comes here and struggles with me but fortunately, he has still not been able to carry out his evil intentions.  On one occasion he almost had his way but I was fortunate.

“I have not been able to have a sound sleep for months now because of this youngman I do not know his name but I know he lives around and I can identify him,” she stated.

The physically challenged woman indicated that she felt lonely all the time since she lived alone and had no relations to care for her, adding that the trauma she was currently facing in the hands of the man attempting to rape her had made her situation worst.

Madam Abroah blamed the man’s actions on drug addiction, saying she suspected the young man’s behaviour was being influenced by the excessive use of drugs like marijuana.

When asked whether she had any children, she responded in the negative, saying all her four children unfortunately died after delivery.

“I know the true meaning of pain, I hardly experience love because I live alone and have no close relatives here. My children too died painfully after going through caesarean sections to have them. I am almost 70 years now and the last thing I need now is to be facing a rapist every now and then. I need help to ensure I am safe from any form of sexual harassment from anybody,” she added.

Touching on some of her daily activities, the unemployed grandmother, who relied on the benevolence of people said she managed to wash her clothes, clean her room and cooked, all by herself.


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