An alleged thief electrocuted at Kasoa

An unidentified man believed to be in his late 30s was yesterday electrocuted by a high tension electric tower, at Galilea, Kasoa, in the Central Region.

The man, was said to be escaping from a group of people, who were chasing him for allegedly stealing, and he climbed the tower to avoid arrest.

When the Ghanaian Times went to the scene around 1:30pm, the alleged thief was spotted on the tower, in an attempt to jump.

However, a crowd that gathered closer to the tower, kept screaming to draw his attention that his life was in grave danger as long as he remained on the high voltage tower.

Some Good Samaritans called personnel of the Ghana Police Service and Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) on phone,to report to case.

When the police arrived at the scene, they asked the victim to alight from the tower,but he refused and climbed higher.

He touched one of the cables of the tower resulting in the electrocution and burning of clothes he wore and he fell off and landed on the ground.

Hundreds of people rushed closer to take a glimpse of the deceased while police controlled the crowd for the body to be conveyed.

Meanwhile, some eye witnesses described the incident as unfortunate, saying it could have been avoided if the deceased had heeded to calls for him to get down.

The Ghanaian Times spotted some traders close to high tension tower closing their shops due to the fear of another electrical explosion from the high voltage tower.


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