‘Amidu has legitimate concerns about interferences on mandate’

Edem Senanu, the co-chairman of the Citizen’s Movement against Corruption, has observed that concerns raised by Mr Martin Amidu, the Special Prosecutor, about the interferences he is experiencing on his mandate, should not be taken lightly.

He claimed that he had absolute confidence in concerns raised by him, had there not been any such developments, the man who has been tasked to fight corruption, would not have complained.

His comments come after Mr Amidu in yet another of his epistles, alleged that heads of state institutions are deliberately impeding the mandate of his office because some heads of institutions refused to comply with laws designed to ensure good governance and to protect the national purse.

Persons have questioned Mr Amidu’s outburst, and have complained that his complaint smacks of an officer who is incapable of carrying out his duties and is blaming it on other people, and the proper quarters to lodge a complaint is not through the public space.

Mr Senanu insisted that he saw nothing wrong with the Special Prosecutor’s conduct and by this outburst, Mr Amidu had raised red flags that should not be ignored, the country’s governance architecture should be revisited to determine whether it delivered on promises the citizenry wanted and maintained that, “I think Mr Amidu is pointing out, there is a challenge, he is preparing the grounds for further action.”

According to Mr Amidu, “heads of institutions wantonly disregard statutory requests made by the office for information and production of documents to assist in investigation of corruption and corruption-related offences, in spite of the fact that the president has on a number of occasions admonished them on such misconduct.

“There have also been cases where some heads of institutions have made it their habit to interfere with and undermine the office by deliberately running concurrent investigation falling within jurisdiction with on-going investigation, for sole purpose of aborting investigation into corruption and corruption-related offences,” he stated in a write-up dated July 15,

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