DVLA warns drivers to comply with road safety regulations

 The National Coordinator, Compliance and Enforce­ment Unit of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), Mr Richard Kwasi Eyiah, has charged drivers to comply with the rules and regulations on the road.

This, he said was to ensure road safety and comfortability of pas­sengers in the country.

According to Mr Eyiah a lot of drivers were not complying with regulations on the road which was causing it unsafe.

He made this known in Accra on Wednesday during their second day of the ‘Road Safety Tour by DVLA’ at Atomic roundabout station.

Road Safety Tour by DVLA, is an initiative by the authority to ed­ucate drivers on the need to always abide by road safety regulations and guidelines in the country.

Drivers were taken through the procedures of obtaining a driver’s licence, road worthy, and how to test and maintain their vehicles.

Mr Eyiah said most drivers did not renew their road worthy when they expired which is causing road accidents, adding that “it was nec­essary for every vehicle to renew their road worthy to ensure road safety and also generate revenue in the country.”

He advised the drivers not to wait for their road worthy certif­icates to expire before going to renew, but rather a month prior to the expiry date was the best time to do so.

Mr Eyiah urged drivers to also desist from sending the papers to unrecognizable persons to forge documents for them.

“Maintain your vehicles and when it is time for road worthy you send it to DVLA to inspect and see if everything is working correctly,” he stated.

Furthermore, the Coordinator noted that it was important for drivers to have their drivers licence before going on the road to drive adding “it is a crime if you don’t have driver’s license and you are driving on the road; the Police can arrest for that”.

Insurance does not cover drivers who have their licenses expired and they do not renew, so it is import­ant for you to renew your driver’s licences anytime it expired to keep your car secured”.

He said the laws did not permit vehicles, especially commercial ones, to have tinted window glasses.

“We will make sure that by the time that they will go and do their road worthy they have changed it, if they have not, we will suspend the road worthy and they cannot have it,” he said.

A driver at the station, Prosper Bilidoni, said he was happy about the sensitisation and he has learned more from it.

“We took the lessons very seri­ously because it’s about the safety of our passengers and us on the road,” he said.

He advised his colleagues to fol­low the traffic rules and regulations to ensure safety on the road


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