Youth admonished to imbibe values, principles binding the nation

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Klottey Korle in the Greater Accra Region, Dr Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings, has admonished the youth not to imbibe values and principles binding the nation and not allow the allure of politics to blind their level of nationalism.

“As young adults, our highest aspirations must be to the benefit of Ghana since the words of the national anthem and pledge must resonate with our spirit as a people and education we seek should not teach us only to read and write but also imbibe in us the values and principles that bind us together as a nation,” she entreated.

Dr Zanetor pointed out that as the youth grew older, they would find themselves in situations where they might align one way or the other with one political party or the other, but remember it was about Ghana and everything they did must be about ensuring they were meeting their highest aspirations as a people.

She advised education should not teach them only to read and write but also imbibe values and principles binding them as a nation and as Ghanaians, know what that meant and not only about the flag, singing the national anthem, but identity as a nation adding that “when you are reciting the national pledge and the national anthem, let it not be empty words.

“Let these words resonate with your spirit, have meaning to you because these are issues that guide you to become responsible adults and citizens to lead the country into a better future and what positive leadership was about in order to keep your lines straight you have to look at someone as benchmark for where you position yourself.

“Nation building is no different even if you have a good leader and rest of contingent does not align itself correctly in place and time, it becomes disorganised because sense of individual responsibility is important as it contributes to success or otherwise of collective society,” Dr Agyeman-Rawlings stated.

She appealed to the youth to be committed, dedicated and determined to their country and get involved in nation building, national cohesion, counselling and take inspiration from the song, Arise Ghana youth for your country. –

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