Who is Akosua Black Gold?

With the sound of her voice and present single ‘Simple instructions’ you might hoist your hopes of the return of Ebony. Though, she claims she had inspiration from the late artiste, her style of music and dressing is different.

The 17-year-old young girl whose single track had received massive air play is currently under the record label of Cudia Linkx Entertainment with Cudjoe Nana Nyarko (C.N.N.) as her manager.

Times Weekend (TW) as part of its mandate to promote and project entertainment giants in the industry on Monday, had a conversation with the artiste and this is what she had to say.

TW: Good Morning, Miss Gold I hope I will be blessed with some gold after the interview?

GOLD: Hahaha, I wish I had the power to do so, good morning to you too.

TW: At what age did your love for music emerge?

GOLD: At a very tender age, but I cannot actually remember the exact age.

TW: Did you ever think of entering the music scene?

GOLD: Well yes, because music is something I love and I express myself through it easily.

TW:    Can you bridge the gap Ebony left behind as a fan of her music?

GOLD: Everyone is different and unique in his or her own way, so if anyone passes on, it becomes impossible to bridge the gap left behind.

TW: Do you wish to perform at Ebony’s one year?

GOLD: Why not, it is one of my greatest wishes.

TW: How do you think you can make it to the top without sleeping with entertainment giants in the industry?

 GOLD: That has never been my ideology, I believe in hard work because it pays.

TW: Have you encountered such act?

GOLD: No and I pray I do not fall into such temptation.

TW: What do make of the entertainment industry?

GOLD: The music industry is doing well especially with the new acts in the industry.

TW: In a nutshell who is Akosua Blakk Gold, I hope it is not a silly question?

GOLD: Akosua Blakk Gold, is a versatile musician who in the few years to come would take the country by storm.

TW: What are you up to?

GOLD: I have recorded 10 hit songs of which I have dropped the first one.

TW: Can you tell your fans your best and worst performances?

 GOLD: I have not experienced any bad performance yet, but few successes I have chalked were at the Adom Fufu Party among others.

TW: How do you feel when you are on stage?

GOLD: I feel happy and excited but interestingly most people address me as a small girl when I am on stage but after the act on stage everyone begins to love my performance.

TW: Do you still hold on to the assertion that you are a virgin?

GOLD: Yes I am and a proud one as such, it will allow me to be focused on my education and profession.

TW: Was it necessary to tell the world you are a virgin, as people will turn to worry you with sex?

GOLD: It was not my intention to voice that out but it was a question I was asked and needed to be answered.

TW: What do you make of the status ‘celebrity’?

GOLD: A celebrity is a person who is well known and gets lots of public attention, or attention from other people.

TW: So with that explanation are you one?

GOLD: No I am not one yet, but soon will be.

TW: Are you in a hurry to be?

GOLD: No I am not kwraa, when the time is due I will attain that status.

TW:  Is there any project you will be handling this year?

GOLD: My management is in talks with an agency who want me to become their brand ambassador to campaign against teenage pregnancy.  

TW: After SHS would you like to further on?

GOLD: Why not but would pursue “music”.

TW: How do friends relate to you?

GOLD: They relate to me normal just like any other person.

TW: Finally words to fans?

GOLD: They should pray for me so I sustain my brand.

TW: Thanks for your time?

GOLD: You are welcome.


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