…while John Mahama mounts platform for NDC candidate

He advised the constituents to accept every form of inducement from elements of the NPP and vote against them in Tuesday’s by-election.

At Bodomase near Kumawu, where he introduced the Party’s candidate, Kwasi Amankwaa also known as ‘Tom Cee’, the former President reminded the constituents that their loyalty to the NPP in elections has not brought about any meaningful develop­ment.

“I am here to introduce to you Tom Cee as the man the NDC chose to represent us. I beg of you, change your voting pattern a little. You’ve always voted for the NPP, but every legacy project here and at Bodamase came to you through the NDC,” he im­plored.

Accusing the NPP of inducing voters in the constituency, he said “the NPP is on a door-to-door campaign sharing a cup of ‘Tugyimie’ (Low-quality rice) to you in the constituency just to win your votes. So now, the NPP thinks the value of your vote value is a cup of Tugyimie?

“I am pleading with you that when they bring the Tugyimie (Low-quality rice) please take it, cook and eat it. But on Tuesday, tell them that your voting power cannot be in­fluenced by a cup of rice. The voting day is Tuesday. Please come out in your numbers and vote for Kwasi Amankwaa devoid of violence.”

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